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Recently my husband and I tallied up how many deployments, training trips, school trips etc. he has been on since we met…it was something like 21 trips…ranging in duration from a couple of weeks to 9 months.  It’s a lot, with more to come.

I have always been a pretty independent person.  So, before we had kids, it was never a big deal.  I had my career, my friends, hobbies and whatnot to keep me busy.  Plus, I’ve never minded spending time alone with a glass of wine and a good book. 😉

Now, after children, our life – including those separations – is dramatically different.  Of course.

I say all of this to say that my husband recently gifted me with something straight out of my B.C. (before children) era: DAYS to spend on my own. Doing whatever I want.  No timeline. No chores.  Just interests, entertainment and relaxation.

He rented a small apartment for me in Nashville.  There were even flowers, chocolate and wine waiting when I arrived the first day. 4 days, 3 nights.  Now, we don’t live far from Nashville (about 45 minutes) but it was kind of a whole new world for me.  Or maybe, an old, forgotten world?

I spent a few decadent days down there…decadent in time really, not so much in money.  I explored different neighborhoods, went to a bunch of yoga classes, ate delicious food, took lots of pictures, drank cocktails, visited art museums and hit up songwriter’s nights at local live music venues.

Yes, it was amazing.  Yes, I missed my sweet little family.  I missed my husband’s strong arms and my babies’ sweet snuggles.

I had an amazing time.  I was happy to go back home.  The best gift ever, on both counts.


















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Sharon V. Milligan - You have an amazing husband . . . which makes you a wise women for choosing him! And, I have no doubt, that when your boyz are men, they’ll realize just how special their life has been to have such great parents . . . and they will continue this cycle of love!

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